Digital archive of Junghans

In the course of our long company history, Junghans has produced over half a billion timepieces. In our digital archive, you can view all available historical Junghans catalogues as PDF files, which invite you to research and browse.

The documents and records in our archive are historical evidence and contemporary witnesses of their era. Individual illustrations may not be appropriate according to today's view - we distance ourselves from this explicitly and refer to the historical context.

Two columns are at your disposal:

  1. Use the column ´Catalogue´ to browse through complete catalogues sorted by years.
  2. Use the column ´Detailed search Watch / Clock´ for a more detailed search:
    1. Via a key word or full text search, such as the name of the clock or reference number
    2. By year
    3. You can select a complete overview of wrist watches (=Kleinuhr) or clocks (=Großuhr) and Supplies (=Zubehör).

The more information you enter, the more accurate is the search result, e.g. Key word = Meister, year = 1955, watch type = Clock

Please enjoy your journey through Junghans history.

Please note:
Due to our German origin many documents are only available in German.
Therefore, please use an external translation program and continue your search in German.
In addition to this some of our historical documents are available in multiple languages hence there can be results found in your own language.

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